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Men Manicure
Gel Manicure
Gel Polish Change Only
Regular Polish Change Nails
Add Chrome Powder
Add Buffer Shine

Acrylic Nails

1. New Set (Tips or Overlay)
2. Refill Regular Shape
3. Refill Special Shape

(almond, coffin, oval, stiletto)

4. Color Powder New Set
5. Refill Color Powder
6. Add Medium Size
7. Add Long Size
8. Add Extra Long
9. White Tips | Clear Tips
10. Regular French Tips
11. Smile or V-Line Tips
12. Repair Nails with Service
13. Repair Nails Only
14. Cut Down with Service
15. Cut Down Only
16. Regular Color Change on Acrylic
17. Gel Color Change on Acrylic
18. Add Chrome Color
19. Acrylic or Dip Take Off with Service
20. Soak off Acrylic Only


Ombre Full Set
Refill Pink Ombre
Refill Pink/White Ombre
Cut Down/Special Shape

(Coffin, Almond,...)

Ombre Full Set With Tip

Solar Nails (Pink & White)

1. Pink & White Newset
2. Refill Pink & White
3. Refill Pink Color


1. Signature Pedicure

Cuticle care, sugar scrub, lotion, callus removal, hot towel.

2. Collagen Pedicure

Bubble crystals, cuticle care, sugar care scrub, cream mask, relaxing gel, callus removal, hot stone, hot towels.

3. Volcano Detox

Detox crystal, bubbling, and fizzing sugar scrub, cream mask, cream massage lotion, callus removal, paraffin wax, hot stone, hot towel.

4. Glitters + Shimmers Pedicure

The Jelly pedicure with 24K gold Mask, helps reduces fine lines, Firmming, anti wrinkle and revitalize skin

The hot paraffin wax helps stimulate increase local blood flow and 5 ofen skin

Add Gel Polish
2 Toes Acrylic
Refill 2 Toes Acrylic
French Tips
Add Paraffin Wax
Toe Polish Change

Dip Nails

1. Regular Dip Powder

(sport length only)

2. Dip Powder with Artificial Nails

- add Manicure $12

3. Pink & White Dip Powder

- add Color French Tips $15 Add
- add Shape (Almond, Oval, Stiletto, Coffin) $6

4. Ombre Dip Powder

Kid Pedi/Manicure

1. Kid Pedi/Nails Polish (under 5 yrs old)
2. Kid Pedi/Nails Polish (6-10 yrs old)
3. Kid Manicure (under 10 yrs old)
4. Kid Nail/Toes Polish Only (under 10 yrs old)


Full Face
Full Arms
Half Arms
Under Arms
Full Legs
Upper Legs
Lower Legs